Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast

The word ‘breakfast’ actually came into being after man’s last meal during the end of the day which extends longer into the night and the eventual, first meal that is eaten in the morning. But as long as the night is, some set of people still extends breakfast, far into midday.

Most workaholics are guilty as charged. Probably the one reading this post is guilty as well. Having your breakfast very early is as important as keeping a date or doing your very early morning routine or even preparing your work schedule on time. Certain enzymes in the human body need to be deployed to work early in the morning.

Several types of research have been carried out on the health and physical benefits of having your breakfast early and here are few reasons why you should not skip your breakfast.


  1.    Weight Gain – A study on people who miss their breakfast reveals that they tend to gain weight and those who eat breakfast lost about 17.8 pounds of flesh in over three months.


  1.    Memory Loss – An American dietetic association in its 2005 Journal also reviewed 47 breakfasts and found out that eating breakfast is likely to improve cognitive function related to memory and test grades while skipping breakfast can lead to memory loss.


  1.    Increased Risk of Disease – When you skip your breakfast, you give increase to certain heart diseases which especially affect people between 45 years upward. Hypertension, high blood pressure etc.
  2.  Weight loss strategy – People have been with the erroneous belief that when you skip your breakfast you tend to lose weight, but the fact is that it is a strategy that never will work. Not eating your breakfast doesn’t really make you lose weight, in fact, it even leads you down the path of having an ulcer which you never will want
  3. In activeness – Skipping breakfast makes you inactive. You let go virtually everything because you won’t be active. Not having your first meal is like not fueling your car.Breakfast is one principal meal in a man’s life and it is a good start for the day’s work. It is important to eat your meal and most importantly eating the right food as your breakfast, with this you get the good boost for the day.

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