There are certain habits you have to stop or prevent doing if you desire to bring out the best in your child. How you behave as a parent is very important if you want your child to be the best. Below are seven things parents must never do in the presence of their children.

  1. DON’T fight when your child is there. No matter how you are provoked don’t fight people in front of your child. Doing this will make you lose respect and it serves as an example to your child they can always fight back.
  2. DON’T fight your spouse in the presence of your children. it gives them a wrong picture of marriage and can set the wrong foundation for their own marriage in the future.
  3. DON’T dress indecently in public. Dresses revealing your cleavage, backside, putting on what is not acceptable publicly will be the example your child will follow if not checked.
  4. DON’T Speak roughly to your child’s teacher in the presence of that child, your child may never regard or respect that teacher after the issue is resolved.
  5. DON’T insult your spouse when your child is around. When you do this, it shows the child he or she can also disrespect their parent. It doesn’t end at home alone but such children can go out and insult elders.
  6. DON’T lie. When you lie to your child or tell lies in the presence of your child you are teaching that child indirectly to be a liar.
  7. DON’T teach your child to extort money from your spouse. Some parents use their children to get extra money out of their spouse. This is a very wrong act that should be stopped because your child may start doing the same to you in future and to outsiders.

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