Meet Afolabi Idowu, One of Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Female Army Officers Proudly Protecting Lives (Photos)

Nothing sounds as cool as success, but in our quest for success, we all have our share of sacrifices and decision to make. Afolabi Omolade Idowu is a model of honour for choosing a path of prestige and godly influence.

Afolabi Omolade Idowu



Meet Omolade

She is a soldier by profession (a trooper) who grew up with the dream of becoming a lawyer when the cold hands of death taking her dad left her with the choice of joining the Nigerian Army as against dubious and immoral means of livelihood.


Lessons from childhood

I have learnt how to be contented from my parents especially from my late dad who would instruct me and my siblings to work hard and not get tired or sad about what we have. After my dad’s death, my mum continued struggling and with pains and joys I learnt how to create a dignified path of happiness for myself and others.



Giving up

There are countless times I felt like giving up but the determination to lead a good life without tarnishing my image kept me. Acting as a male when biologically I am not and various drills used to be a challenge but I’m getting used to it. I stopped seeing the challenges since I have people who look up to me.


Rewards/Memorable Experience

The feeling that I am a protector to lives and property gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can say is the greatest reward. And seeing the young women who saw me as a role model and chose to join the Nigerian army instead of working as sex workers is rewarding for me.



Advice for women facing financial, academic and social challenges

Ladies should look for modest ways of helping themselves, they can join the army like I did, learn a trade or skill. Women are role model of integrity,dilligence and outstanding success, we should always channel our will power into improving ourselves and succeding regardless of the obstacles.


Describe yourself as a Woman of Rubies

I am determined and a courageous fighter who sees a way in any odd times.



Final words for women all over the world

Do not lose your worth!



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