stay thinking like the rich

I want to share the difference between the

thinking of an average man and that of a rich man

and when you start thinking like the rich

then you will definitely be one

Average Man worry about money

They are mentally occupied with

the thoughts of fear and scarcity

The Rich Dream about Money

The rich are operating with a sense of love,

Abundance and endless possibility

Average Man believe working Hard Creates Wealth

If the secret to wealth was Hard work then

every Bricklayer would be stupendously rich

The Rich believes Leverage creates wealth

Hard work to the rich means , working smart

and thinking outside the box and leveraging the

collective brainpower of their team

An Average Person Focus on Saving

Driven by Fear and loss, the average Focus

on protecting and hoarding their money

The Rich Focuses on Earning

they Understand the importance of saving and investing

and direct their energy on spending on Assets

(what brings in more money)

And lastly, the Rich are quick to

recognize opportunity and

grab it with both hands when they see one


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