What shapens a child’s academic performance?

No child is born with a skill or knowledge. These are being acquired in the world they find themselves.
But, a child cannot be born and after some years decides to seek for knowledge. Infact, children love to play all through their time and hates to engage in any brain racking activities. So, it is now left for their first agent of Socialisation (family) to lay a proper and solid foundation for that child.
When a child is enroled to a School, Parents leave everything to School to do everything which is very poor of such Parents.
All agents of socialisation shapens the academic level of a child but, the Parents are the founding agent because that brought this particular to the world. They are to monitor and co ordinate the child as he or she relates to other agents.
School: Parents are suppose to monitor a child on his School activities, going through their note, getting to know their friends, know their weakness and all other thing in relations to their studies.
Peer group: every Parents must know their wards friends if not all but at least 80% this will put your ward in an evaluating mode for you to know the kind of friends your child relates with.
The Media: the media has a greater influence over the world as we speak, the tell the world what to do and how to go about it. A parent should know what kind of stuff their watch on TV, online and at other sources. Also, Parental rating must be strictly adhered to on any movie they see, encourage them to watch at the hour. The types of magazines the read must be monitored rather encourage them to read daily times (newspapers).
Know your wards teachers: nowadays, Schools and teachers run after Parents, which is absolutely wrong. Parents should have once in a blue moon conversation with these teachers to know the latest development in School.
Religious activities: train up a child in the right way. When child’s foundation starts from the house of God, Parents monitoring is half solved.
Close conversation: parents hardly have time for their children and this is a big problem. Parents must create room for conversation to know their child better, this will also build more confidence in that child.
With these, if they are looked into, a child’s performance will be shapened.

Mobile Youth Nigeria
Oladiti Lateef Ayeni


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