Philippe Mexes: Milan defender sent off amid Serie A brawl

Philippe Mexes

Has there been an angrier footballer anywhere in Europe this season?

AC Milan defender Philippe Mexes was sent off on Saturday during his team’s 3-1 defeat at Lazio after grabbing Lazio captain Stefano Mauri by the throat.

The pair were separated but Frenchman Mexes went back for more, first trying to head-butt Mauri before grabbing him from behind.

“I have to apologise to the club, the coach and my family,” Mexes said afterwards. “It was the wrong reaction and I am sorry because I left the team with 10 men and I will be suspended.

“Unfortunately I made a mistake. In my career I have had these reactions. These things should not happen out on a football pitch.

“I have children and this is not the sort of example that a father should set.”

Mexes’ dismissal came on the same day as Real Madrid forwardCristiano Ronaldo’s red card for kicking and slapping Cordoba player Edimar.

Philippe Mexes

French defender Mexes was sent off for grabbing Lazio captain Mauri by the throat

Philippe Mexes

Mexes confronted Mauri immediately after the referee had sent him off

Philippe Mexes

AC Milan’s Riccardo Montolivo (right) struggles to pull Mexes away from Mauri

Philippe Mexes

Mexes initially grabbed Mauri by the throat before grabbing him from behind

Philippe Mexes

AC Milan’s players tried to restrain Mexes but struggled to contain the angry defender

Philippe Mexes

Mexes was sent off in stoppage time of the 3-1 defeat

Philippe Mexes

Mexes saw red during a game which resulted in a third loss for AC Milan in five league games

Philippe Mexes

After being pulled away from Mauri, he then grabbed the throat of Lazio’s Lorik Cana


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