Study what you are Passionate about, not what the trend involkes

As a Student of whatever level, the major thing is studying what you are passionate about. Gone are those days where the fear of what you study might go into extinction. This is because, everything goes now, even there are more to course you expect like Music, Foreign languages, Agricultural course that Students run away from because of its non attachment to the Corporate world.

Proofs now show that the Corporate world is just a name as People now find there way in non corporate world. The likes of Dangote, Adenuga, Linda Ikeji, Otedola, Atiku although had one or two things with the so called white collar jobs, but didnt really settle with it totally as they have become employers of Labour.

So, with this Paradigm shift, a student should be careful and selectful before going for a course at any tertiary institution. Better, it should be something you are passionate about, so you can get the best out of yourself to end up with a flying grade to get a smooth outing after graduation and NYSC.


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