I wonder why People fail to face reality, inside them, they know quite well there current situation, who they are and what they can do. But, they tend to pretend to not just the Society but to themselves.

I tried being something else but, on the long run I came to a conclusion that I am who I am and nothing on this Earth can change that.

Although, the only thing that one can’t change is change itself. When two or more people see something about you that is absolutely wrong in terms of Attitude, Manners, Relationship with the Society, Addiction and so on. One as a rational thinking human being should sit down over it and look at how to turn around from such filthy characteristics.

Evidence you are living a fake life

  1.  Comparing yourself with family and friends that you are up to.
  2.  Paying more attention to Luxuries instead of basic necessity of life.
  3.  Thinking you can do better on things you have no idea or experience of.
  4.   failing to face reality.

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