The hunger for instant Success in the Nigerian Society by every youth is becoming a big problem as nobody is ready to wait for God’s time. The factors surrounding this thirst is not far fetch

  1. I was offered admission at the Lagos State University, Ojo along side Wizkid, who dropped out due to his Star studded outbust in the Music industry. Six years later after NYSC and everything, I am still struggling in the Economy doing a teaching job, while drop out Wizkid cruises in expensive cars, thanks to the extra ordinary talent in the music.
  2. After Secondary School, Onyeka my friend joins his Father at Alab suru Market selling doors and windows cotton at road side, while I struggle with JAMB for Tertiary institution admission, six years later, I owns a shop, a room to himself. While after NYSC, i am still with my Parents though I thank God for my current situation at least I can afford two square meal a day (not too bad).

These are personal experience that I have to share is what will some Graduate want to go for quick Success legally or illegally. Not ready for anything God’s time or God’s favor. The Economic hardship is not helping as our elected not appointed or leader by force are not serving the People but serving themselves(not all anyway). The right people are not given free hand to do their job as the old saying, if can’t beat them, you join them. The good leaders have decided to join the others in order to remain in Office, no be their fault.

So, as I type right now, every citizen is a Government on their own. Imagine a graduate that was trained by his/her grandparent, parent and whole family who are expecting a turn around still go through hardship with their graduate son or daughter after all years of training. This is what will make a graduate go for shap shap like we called it Ajegunle.


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