Secret to examination success

Examination is not the true test of Knowledge as popularly say in Africa. But, to move to the next stage in any level in Nigerian system of education, one most pass convincingly in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd term in Primary and Secondary and in various Semesters at Tertiary Institutions. There have been mass failure in Nigerian Education, most especially in SSCE exams like WAEC and NECO. The problems are not far fetched as all stakeholders are to be blamed to start with Parents, Schools, Teachers to mention but a few. Although, there are easy way to tackle these problems, which are, the easy way to examination success. 1. Cultivating a reading culture 2. Seeking assistance when faced with difficult topics. 3. Consulting notes, text books, internet for reading and proper understanding. 4. Preparation ahead of Class 5. Put God first. Like our fan page on its mobile youth nigeria


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